4 January 2023
NanoCell Theapeutics Inc, in Consortium with Leading Research Organizations, Secures Multimillion Euro HORIZON-EIC Pathfinder Challenges Grant for Pioneering Gene Therapy Platform

King of Prussia, PA and Utrecht, The Netherlands – January 4, 2023 – NanoCell Therapeutics, Inc. (“NanoCell”) today announced that its syndicate with Utrecht University (UU), Imperial College London (ICL), Karolinska Institutet (KI) and SINTEF was awarded 3 million Euro for the development of NanoCell’s first-in-class technology platform to enable in vivo cell gene therapy to treat a broad range of diseases, including cancer and genetic disorders.

The multinational consortium, known as NANO-ENGINE, combines NanoCell’s expertise in non-viral gene transfer technologies and in vivo cell engineering with UU’s Pharmaceutical Sciences division’s proficiency in nanomedicine chemistry. ICL has pioneered a groundbreaking single particle analysis method to be implemented at KI, providing the consortium with unparalleled insights into drug product characterization. Additionally, SINTEF contributes essential knowledge in bulk analysis of the drug product and plays a vital role in establishing regulatory standards for nucleic acid therapeutics.

“We are honored to have been awarded this highly competitive grant and are looking forward to work with our internationally esteemed consortium partners” said Maurits Geerlings, President and CEO of NanoCell. “The EIC Pathfinder Challenges program recognizes the potential of our non-viral, DNA- based in vivo gene therapy platform overcoming the most critical limitations of adoptive cell therapies. We believe that the NANO-ENGINE program will play a pivotal role in advancing the development of groundbreaking therapies for life-threatening diseases. Our commitment is to ensure these innovative treatments become not only more affordable and scalable but also safer and more effective. Ultimately, our mission is to make these transformative therapies readily available to patients worldwide,” added Dr. Geerlings.

While NANO-ENGINE’s focus is on developing in vivo gene therapy for B cell malignancies, the program helps accelerate further development of the platform across other disease areas, such as myeloid and T cell malignancies, solid tumors, autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, genetic disorders and beyond. For more information, visit https://nano-engine.eu.


About NanoCell

NanoCell Therapeutics is a privately-held biotechnology company with offices in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our mission is to revolutionize in-vivo cell engineering through our groundbreaking non-viral, DNA-based gene therapy platform, primarily focusing on oncology and autoimmune diseases. At NanoCell, we’re driving innovation by transforming traditional adoptive cell therapy methods into advanced in-vivo treatments. Our ultimate goal is to simplify the treatment process, increasing patient accessibility, potential clinical benefits, and cost-effective manufacturing. We work both autonomously and in collaboration with partners to make substantial advancements in our targeted disease areas. For more information, visit http://www.nanocelltx.com).

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