Pioneering a future where cell engineering is driven by advanced vectors, adept at safely and precisely modifying target cells all within the patient's body.


Our Mission

At NanoCell we develop in vivo gene therapies harnessing our non-viral, DNA-based, cell directed, technology platform. Our goal is to transform the cell and gene therapy field by converting adoptive cell therapies into gene therapies. By doing so, we aim to enhance scalability, affordability, and clinical safety and efficacy outcomes. Ultimately, we are committed to ensuring patients have access to exceptional therapeutic options worldwide.


Our Technology

At the heart of our innovation is the non-viral delivery method, designed to specifically target and modify cells within the patient using therapeutic DNA. Nanocell’s proprietary approach to DNA delivery offers a promising alternative to viral methods, setting a new benchmark in the field.

Executive Leadership Team


16 May 2024
NanoCell Therapeutics Inc. and OneChain Immunotherapeutics S.L Announce Collaboration on In Vivo CAR-T Therapy for B-cell Lymphoma
19 March 2024
NanoCell Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Charles F. Albright, PhD, to its Scientific Advisory Board
26 September 2023
NanoCell Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Dr. Jacek Lubelski, PhD as Chief Technology Officer